Boriana Dance & Entertainment & Entertainment

„Breathtaking art!“


We believe that art can inspire emotions in humans.
That's why we create art with love! Let us take
you on a magical journey full of beauty and aesthetics, provocativeness and style, elegance and sparkle - all delivered with a unique energy charge.
Our show programs are original and recognizable!

Who are we?

A company that creates dance and music show programs. We believe that art can be breathtaking and has the ability to change our perception of the world. With our art, we help organizers turn their events into unique experiences for the guests. Our goal is to show many different worlds to our viewers – full of aesthetics, beauty, and marvels

Authorial and individualized

Each one of our shows is original and fully individualized for the needs of the organizer and venue of the event.

Elegant dance technique

Our style combines elegant dance technique with spectacular props and a magnetic contact with the audience. That makes us unique and recognizable.

World and national scenes

We have 9 years of experience on many Bulgarian stages under our belts and the last 4 of them we’ve expanded abroad as well – the Maldives, Greece, Bahrain, Oman, North Macedonia, and the Czech Republic are among the countries we’ve performed in.

Boriana Dimitrova

Founder, main choreographer, and director

I’ve been involved with the art of dance since I was a kid, now I am also a certified physician. During my medical studies, I never stopped developing my passion for dance. Later I decided that dancing is my true calling. I gained popularity with my knowledge and skills in belly dance. Apart from that style, I’ve been trained in ballet, cabaret dances, and also tango. Now I’m the head of my own dance school, I am a lecturer in the department of Contemporary Choreography in South-West University
“Neofit Rilski”, a jury in dance contests, a producer of original theater and dance spectacles, and the founder of Boriana Dance & Entertainment.”

Meet the team

Company development

In 2017 began to incorporate
various technologies and visual effects into
dance performances.

Boriana Dance & Entertainment

In the beginning, I was a solo performer and a teacher. Subsequently, some of my students showed great potential, and I taught them to a professional level – that’s how we were able to for a team. Our passion and dedication to dancing didn’t go unnoticed. That was the beginning of many media appearances about to come and even more shows during events in Bulgaria and abroad. In 2017 we began experimenting with different technologies and visual effects that we later implemented in our dance shows. That’s how our signature light show was born – “Moonlight”. The show gathered a huge audience. Little by little, we’ve been further developing our repertoire, our choreographies and we’ve created new show programs. Since then, other professional artists from different art and dance styles have joined the team. Everyone in our team has various and different talents, substantial stage experience, and a true passion for performing in front of an audience.”

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