Boriana Dimitrova

Boriana Dimitrova is the art manager and main
choreographer of Boriana Dance & Entertainment but that’s far from all of her
achievements. As a true professional in the art of dance, Boriana has a vast experience
in teaching belly dance and performing on many international stages. She is recognized
as a famous Bulgarian performer because of her many TV appearances and numerous
awards from prestigious international competitions for belly dance professionals. From
Europe to the Maldives, Boriana is a desired professional performer

The biography of Boriana is coming soon!

Boriana Dimitrova – I can Do it, Nova TV

Boriana Dimitrova as mentor at the Bulgarian TV show I Can Do It, Nova TV.

Boriana Dimitrova – Oriental Dance

The performance of Boriana Dimitrova at Yalla Raqs 2017 festival in Italy