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Fire and Belly Dance in a Nikos Vertis music video

Fire and Belly Dance in a Nikos Vertis music video

Check out our fire show and belly dance performance as part of the hit song “Allaxa” (Άλλαξα) by the famous Greek singer Nikos Vertis.

The song and music video were released to the public for the first time in August 2019 on YouTube. During the same time as the release, by coincidence or not, our team was in Greece for an international belly dance competition and we couldn’t wait to see the end result with our participation in the video. The director of the music video is Lyudmil Ilarionov – Lyusi.

As the video went public, we could finally share some behind-the-scenes photos from our experience shooting the video. Before that our looks, the theme of the video, and so on were kept secret to truly surprise the fans of the singer. It was a great honor for us to perform a fire show and belly dances, choreographed by Boriana Dimitrova.

The song is inspired by oriental music and aesthetics but presented with a Greek twist. A captivating scene straight out of an Arabic fairy tale is presented in the music video. If you look closely, you will find us not only during the fire and dancing parts but also as characters in the plot of the video. You can check out the song here and at the end of the article! Enjoy the beautiful imagery and, of course, the amazing Nikos Vertis!

As of writing this article, the video has over 4 million hits on YouTube!

“Allaxa” means “I’ve changed” in Greek. The lyrics are romantic and tell a passionate and fiery love story, as the video also suggests.

Άλλαξα κι έχω γίνει,φωτιά απ’ τη φωτιά σου
Άλλαξα κι έχουν γίνει, σώμα καρδιά δικά σου

I changed and became, fire from your fire
I changed and my body, my heart are your now