Erianor Events & Experiences –
conceptual events designed to captivate all the senses

Erianor Events & Experiences is a company specializing in organizing events and conceptual experiences that captivate all senses and can transport you beyond the ordinary! We excel in creating and meticulously planning unique, artistic, and magical events of all kind, including boutique celebrations, epic spectacles, team buildings, corporate events, show programs, and personal occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries.


Erianor Events & Experiences is an author project of Nathalie Pavlova – the creator of the company and the brand, with extensive experience in the event management. Erianor is also her artistic pseudonym, behind which stands a rich portfolio of successfully implemented endeavors, a deep interest in the fantasy genre, myths, legends, and captivating epochs of the past.

Erianor Events & Experiences is committed to every detail and stage of the process of event management and organization – from crafting a client-oriented concept tailored to your vision and desires, through culinary art and decor, to the entertainment part. Erianor actively collaborates with Boriana Dance & Entertainment, with Boriana Dimitrova participating as a guest performer in all of Erianor’s conceptual events held to date, embodying a variety of bold and exquisite roles. Combining their imaginations, together they created Dark Fantasy Show – one of the most magical spectacles ever presented in Sofia.


We collaborate with the best artists and performers in order to ensure a special and high-qualified service in event organization across the spectrum of fantasy, elegance, and beauty. From concept to execution – Erianor Events & Experiences is your faithful partner with a proven level of expertise from the beginning to the end, although the experiences we create leave a lasting memory long after they are already in the past.

In addition to client-tailored orders, our portfolio includes three majestic events unmatched on the Bulgarian scene – the Italian Renaissance Ball in Old Plovdiv inspired by Commedia dell’Arte, the fire spectacle Dark Fantasy Show displayed on a large stage in Sofia, and the vibrant feast for the senses “Bohemian Fairy: The Magic of the Gypsies through the Centuries.”

In addition to the stage program, the events offer a fully immersive experience for all the senses – gourmet dinner, the finest drinks, thematic dress code, interactive tastings, interactions with the guests and a stimulation of their imagination throughout the entire experience.

Such spectacular events can be organized for your company or personal occasion, as we can transform any dream, surprise for a loved one, or simply the desire to stand out with a memorable, exciting, and unconventional event. We accept orders in the entire country.


Erianor Events & Experiences is not just a company for event management – we are creators of magic. Led by imagination, there are no limits with us.