We believe that art provokes emotions in people. That’s why we create our art with love that can transport our audiences into a world of magic and beauty, provocativeness and style, elegance and sparkle, presented with a huge charge of energy. Our shows are original and recognizable.

We help the organizers to turn their events into unforgettable experiences.

“Wow!” – that’s the reaction of our audiences when we set foot on the stage. Exclamations are heard, guests take pictures with their phones and share with their friends’ stories of the interesting event they just saw. Art has the power to break the working atmosphere, to create liveliness, and bring up new topics of conversation.


A very different experience and a memorable evening

Liveliness and shared conversation topics

Interactive program


Fully individualized program

Inclusion of a company logo as a light effect in the dance. At the culmination of the music, the light will shine with your company logo or message.

Easy cooperation for the organization

Flexibility of options for the specific event


Our main choreographer and director. She will listen carefully to the goals you have for the event and will then later offer the best and most appropriate show programs and performances for your needs. Give us space and we will fill it with spectacular art that guests will talk about for a long time!

Wondering how to make your corporate party different and interesting? We entertain guests with a lot of aesthetics. Our programs are completely original and individualized according to the needs and desires of the client – music, costumes, number of performers can all be changed according to the needs of the event. Our participation in your event can be as a complete program, composed of various stage acts – dancing, singing, and others. You can also hire us as a short surprise as an attractive opening or closing show of the evening.

Include your company logo in the show!

With a special light show device, numerous spectacular images flash in the space around the performers. In the culminating part of the music, your company’s logo will shine with light. We can include any message, text, or other images of your choice as well. This performance can be part of any of our shows.

To achieve an even stronger effect of our stage performances, we can add an element of interactivity with the audience. The possibilities vary for the different types of shows.

We are fully prepared for a variety of events with our various props and types of shows – from a beach party, club parties to elegant balls and classy evening cocktails, we can do it all! If you are an organizer of a themed event, we can fit into any theme, especially related to lights, fairy tales, colors, retro looks, or a fairy tale from 1001 Nights.

We partner with prominent artists from other fields of art as well. We will be happy to go into details to find out more about the needs of your event. Give us space and we will fill it with spectacular art that guests will talk about for a long time! Contact us!

What people tell about us?

“I highly recommend that you contact these amazing professionals from Boriana Dance & Entertainment! They made our wedding unforgettable. They are ready to listen to every need, as well as to cater to unusual wishes or budget limits. Boriana, be as smiling, radiant, and responsive as ever! ”

Rosen Dimitrov

"Endless gratitude for the elegant beauty and for the unique emotion! The performance was a gift to us at our wedding eve and it was a magical experience for us and our guests!"

E. Drezgova

"I'd like to voice my gratitude and admiration for the amazing performance of the Light Show at the wedding party of our children. Extremely kind and professional attitude! I highly recommend them! Thank you, Boriana!"

Aneliya Ioncheva

"Thank you for making our special day even more special! All the guests of our wedding were touched by the positive energy and amazing mood that you brought! When you watch the show live, you are transported to a wonderland and you do not want this fairytale to end ... ”

Gergana Sertova