Fire show for a wedding

We, from Boriana Dance & Entertainment, can turn every one of your fairytales and dreams into reality! A unique fiery experience for the most special day in the life of two lovers – a fire show for a wedding.

Flaming Heart – almost as hot as the love in the air!

Unique wedding atmosphere! The newlyweds can share a moment of closeness by lighting the heart (with the guidance and help of our team), dance their couple dance in front of it, as well as seal their memories of the day in unique photos, decorated with the fiery sparks of love! All of this while their favorite song is playing in the background.

Meet our most prominent fire performers!

The fire magician of our team - Nikki!

Some performances captivate you from the very beginning and still keep you mesmerized long after the end – we present to you the fire magician of the team, Nikki! He easily achieves such a rare combination of stunning technique with fire poi and staff, impactful contact with the audience, and control over the element of fire. An absolute experience! See a sample version of our fire show for a wedding with fire poi, staff, light images, and a fire heart in the video.

The fire-girl of our team – Lily!

A crown of fire illuminates her face, and she holds flames in her hands – the fire-girl of the team, Lily, appears on the stage! Embark on a magnetic dance journey with her fire performance with fire fans, professional dance equipment, and an unforgettable presence!

Fully individualized fire show for a wedding

Each fire show is created especially for the specific wedding. According to your wishes and needs for the event, more fire artists can participate to create an even larger fire spectacle. In these cases, the focus remains on the mastery of the performance of each artist. We will choose the music together to suit your preferences.

Light show with the names and photos of the newlyweds

A spectacular addition to the fire show can be the inclusion of our light show performance. Thanks to our special light show device we depict numerous breathtaking pictures in the air, we can write your names, greetings, include your photos or pictures of your choice. You can see a demonstration of this performance in our video “Wedding Light Show” or in Nikki’s performance presented on this page.

Contact us!

We will gladly listen to your preferences and the specifications of the location. We will offer you the most suitable versions of the performances for your needs. Give us space and we will fill it with spectacular art that guests will talk about for a long time!

ОYou can see more of our fire performances on our page „Fire show


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“I highly recommend that you contact these amazing professionals from Boriana Dance & Entertainment! They made our wedding unforgettable. They are ready to listen to every need, as well as to cater to unusual wishes or budget limits. Boriana, be as smiling, radiant, and responsive as ever! ”

Rosen Dimitrov

"Endless gratitude for the elegant beauty and for the unique emotion! The performance was a gift to us at our wedding eve and it was a magical experience for us and our guests!"

E. Drezgova

"I'd like to voice my gratitude and admiration for the amazing performance of the Light Show at the wedding party of our children. Extremely kind and professional attitude! I highly recommend them! Thank you, Boriana!"

Aneliya Ioncheva

"Thank you for making our special day even more special! All the guests of our wedding were touched by the positive energy and amazing mood that you brought! When you watch the show live, you are transported to a wonderland and you do not want this fairytale to end ... ”

Gergana Sertova


The shows can be adapted to themed events with any music and can be customized for stages and venues of any size.


Every show is specifically made for the occasion and the needs of the organizer.


If there is no specific idea, we will be happy to offer you the best option for your event!

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