Surprise gift for a bachelorette party

You have a bachelorette party coming up and you’re looking for original ideas for the event? Doesn’t an unforgettable experience for the future bride and the party guests sound like a great idea? Keep reading to find out about all of our unique offers for surprises, games, and shows for bachelorette parties!

Games can make the bachelorette party unforgettable

Here’s an idea for the day of the bachelorette party – a fun dance lesson, catered towards feminity and seductiveness! An erotic dances class, burlesque class, or belly dance – previous experience (of the bride and guests) in any of them isn’t needed. For every lesson, we have games and props that will make the dancing that more fun! With one fun dance class, we will transform the bride and girls at the party into oriental princesses or brilliant stars of the “Moulin Rouge”.

Surprise for the bachelorette party – light show or fire show!

The thrill of the fire or the might of our light show can be a truly original surprise that you can gift to the future bride. During the show, many breathtaking pictures will dance in the air around the performer! With our special light show tool, we can even write the name of the bride with light, any text or congratulations, as well as her photo! And to make the offers even more tempting – the show can be truly hot and fiery with our spectacular fire show by a male dancer! Ignite the flames of passion with breathtaking fire technique, a hot look, and flexible dance technique – all of this performed with taste and class!

Surprise for the bride and groom

A beautiful surprise for the newlyweds on their wedding day – our flaming fire heart! They can light it together while their favorite song is playing in the background. A tender, magical moment in front of our fire heart can be the perfect gift.

All of our shows can be customized especially for the bachelorette party that you’re organizing. Male or female dancers, the choice of costumes, music, duration – it’s all up to you.

What people tell about us?

“I highly recommend that you contact these amazing professionals from Boriana Dance & Entertainment! They made our wedding unforgettable. They are ready to listen to every need, as well as to cater to unusual wishes or budget limits. Boriana, be as smiling, radiant, and responsive as ever! ”

Rosen Dimitrov

"Endless gratitude for the elegant beauty and for the unique emotion! The performance was a gift to us at our wedding eve and it was a magical experience for us and our guests!"

E. Drezgova

"I'd like to voice my gratitude and admiration for the amazing performance of the Light Show at the wedding party of our children. Extremely kind and professional attitude! I highly recommend them! Thank you, Boriana!"

Aneliya Ioncheva

"Thank you for making our special day even more special! All the guests of our wedding were touched by the positive energy and amazing mood that you brought! When you watch the show live, you are transported to a wonderland and you do not want this fairytale to end ... ”

Gergana Sertova

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