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We believe that art provokes emotions in people. We create it with love to immerse you in this magic of beauty and aesthetics, provocation and style, elegance and brilliance, presented with a huge charge.

Light show:
Elegance and grace

We present to you our light show programs in their full glory! Recognizable and fully original, delivered with our signature style – an impactful combination of aesthetics, gracious dance technique, and astonishing light show props.

Fire show

Our fire show is an attractive addition to any event – the heat, adrenaline and excitement of dancing with the elements will make you and your guests hold their breath!

Provocation and style

Inspired by the glamor of Hollywood, the
emotion of the classic musicals, the beauty
of the Moulin Rouge, we we have created
an exciting cabaret show for you. You want to
provide a breathtaking emotion to your guests?

Ethno fusion

Our unparalleled Ethno Fusion show will tell you a folkloric story with a new, modern twist. The traditional music and costumes have inspired us to create this Ethno show – a fusion between traditional Bulgarian elements and modern concepts.


Sparkling costumes, Latin rhythms, dance flexibility, and a breathtaking show! Enjoy a combination of passionate Latin dances and sophisticated classical dances. Passion and elegance shine in all of the dance styles – the playful samba and cha-cha-cha, the romantic rumba, the passionate paso doble and tango, and also the sophisticated waltzes. Our Latin Dance Show has it all!

1001 Nights

Create a modern fairytale straight out of the pages of the 1001 nights with a beautiful show program. Behind our captivating belly dance show is a team of performers with many events, festivals, and stages under their belts.

Rock'n Roll Fusion show

The drums start a beat, the guitar follows with a melody, and a dance embodies the sounds and makes them visible to the audience – let us take you to another rock universe with our rock fusion show!

Live music

Deliver a thrilling musical journey to your guests and yourself by trusting Nelly and Renton with the entertainment for the event. You can book them individually for a musical performance or with a dance accompaniment – our light show will be a beautiful addition with its amazing light costumes and props!


“I highly recommend that you contact these amazing professionals from Boriana Dance & Entertainment! They made our wedding unforgettable. They are ready to listen to every need, as well as to cater to unusual wishes or budget limits. Boriana, be as smiling, radiant, and responsive as ever! ”

Rosen Dimitrov

"Endless gratitude for the elegant beauty and for the unique emotion! The performance was a gift to us at our wedding eve and it was a magical experience for us and our guests!"

E. Drezgova

"I'd like to voice my gratitude and admiration for the amazing performance of the Light Show at the wedding party of our children. Extremely kind and professional attitude! I highly recommend them! Thank you, Boriana!"

Aneliya Ioncheva

"Thank you for making our special day even more special! All the guests of our wedding were touched by the positive energy and amazing mood that you brought! When you watch the show live, you are transported to a wonderland and you do not want this fairytale to end ... ”

Gergana Sertova

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